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thru THE WORMHOLE: FuturologySEASON : are we able to live for all time?properly all the time truly is a long, long, time, but we genuinely can improve at the fame quo of 3-rating-and-ten as we were doing progressively era by era, each generation dwelling on common barely longer than the preceding era thanks to ever enhancing fitness services and improvements in medicinal drug, better sanitation practices, pest manage measures, meals distribution, schooling advising towards harmful health-associated practices, etc. Genetic engineering will further improve longevity as dangerous genes are altered, even eradicated. Biotechnology or bioengineering will do its component. plenty of humans now stay longer thanks to synthetic hearts or coronary heart valves. Nanotechnology will quickly allow microbots to go into and traverse the highways and byways of the human body attacking cancerous cells and repairing internal harm. newer drugs will hold to go into the mainstream. while all is stated and finished but, there absolutely is only one piece of you that wishes to survive and thrive century after century after century – your thoughts, which is the actual you. Your mind is your essence that makes you, you. Your mind is regrettably housed in a squishy susceptible organ we call the brain. What we want is a better receptacle for the mind – one in an effort to final for millennia (or longer) and no longer be situation to the varieties of afflictions which could impact the mind, like cancer and harm, and so on. something made from silicon and steel perhaps, like a computer. whilst your thoughts may be downloaded as software into a pc and downloaded again into some other backup computer and downloaded once more into a brand new and improved laptop, nicely that is starting to method the idea of ‘are we able to stay forever’.SEASON 3: can we Resurrect the dead?in line with time-honored clinical questioning regarding facts theory, information can not be totally lost or completely destroyed, now not even in case you toss information down a Black hole. records can of course be scrambled and rendered apparently useless – break up a multivolume encyclopedia into its issue letters (all tens of millions of them), even burn the encyclopedia, and scatter the bits and pieces or ashes to the four winds – but in idea Humpty Dumpty may be placed again together again. Jigsaw puzzles are meant to be prepare again! dwelling things are packets of statistics, a particular association of essential debris into various atoms and molecular structures. If one had a precise blueprint, right down to the last electron, of a person residing but now lifeless, one ought to in concept reconstruct that man or woman quark by means of electron; atom with the aid of atom; molecule by means of molecule back into that living being. Of course if the man or woman were not long dead, the reconstruction might be relatively ‘less difficult’ on account that most of the applicable bits and portions would already be in location. but, at the same time as statistics is in no way theoretically misplaced and any jigsaw puzzle but confusing can be resurrected, one suspects one might have to be as near an all-understanding god as one may want to get earlier than being able to perform this.however may want to you resurrect a dead body without replacing the missing or decayed elements of the grasp blueprint? Assuming you’re now not Dr. Frankenstein, there’s usually cloning, besides the result isn’t always without a doubt resurrection, in particular for the reason that new cloned mind begins off as a blank slate. A form of resurrection is probably comparable to downloading the mind into every other receptacle (i.e. – a pc) at the precise second of dying (no longer that there may be an actual moment of dying as a substitute a quick time interval in that you slowly fade away). finally there may be the tried and true approach of freezing the head (with or without the rest of the body) and hoping to revive it at a later date while clinical technology has sufficiently superior. unfortunately, up to now, at least with humans, this technique isn’t all that crash hot, er, bloodless. For the right here and now, when you are dead, you stay lifeless. but, it would be a rash prediction to say with a purpose to usually be the case. the inducement to upward thrust once more from the useless is a quite robust one, and if there is a way, people won’t relaxation until they find it. residing inside the right here and now is seemingly way extra foremost to an afterlife in Heaven, no matter how religious or how incredible a believer you’re!SEASON four: can we continue to exist the death of the sun?The solar’s loss of life won’t be for billions of years yet, inclusive of numerous billions of years earlier than it renders Planet Earth uninhabitable. What on the planet makes absolutely everyone issue mankind will still be round as a viable species to even worry approximately the dying of the sun scenario? but, if we haven’t figured out a way to migrate elsewhere, past the solar system, to any other extra hospitable interstellar star system numerous billions of years down the music, then possibly we don’t need to live on.SEASON 4: Are Robots the future of Evolution?There are methods that machines will rule the roost within the close to and remote future.the first is the ever persevering with merging of biology with era. A commonplace instance from the beyond is the peg-leg or the hook-hand from pirate lore. A current and cutting-edge not unusual example is using listening to aids. vital organs had been changed in component or in general with synthetic replacements and that trend will hold. within the close to future nanotechnology will function micro-robots coursing via our frame’s river and [blood] streams to “exterminate, exterminate, exterminate” all the ones nasty little biological dealers that want to make a meal folks. The remaining of route might be the downloading of our [software] minds into hardware bodies.That has all forms of ramifications. once your thoughts has been downloaded right into a hardware (silicon and metallic) frame, you may usually improve to the next and most up-to-date version. I see the spawning of a robotic style industry! The 2050 you would not be caught dead inner a 2045 robot model! the alternative ramification is that you could ‘clone’ your self (or rather your thoughts) by downloading your thoughts as usually into as many robot hardware forms as you desire. perhaps one robotic shape that’s designed for undersea exploration; one designed for mountaineering; every other this is small sufficient that it is able to explored the most claustrophobic of cave systems. in case your thoughts exists concurrently in many distinct robotic our bodies, then you definitely have extra than just a unmarried self-attention, simultaneously.That form of ‘cloning’ method you can reproduce without having to dilute your ‘genes’ with the genes of any other man or woman. Of direction there nevertheless might should be a sperm & egg financial institution to make sure population growth, if that have been deemed through society applicable. It might not be if everybody can reproduce themselves as often as they wanted. but assuming real flesh-and-blood human beings have been conceived in a take a look at-tube and raised by means of robots with human minds, ultimately their time would come too to be downloaded into the robot model(s) in their choice and cheat their biological now one might be hard pressed to think of the bioengineered and genetically engineered human, with all that tinkering that results in this downloading of thoughts into gadget, as nonetheless being Homo sapiens however possibly as an alternative as something corresponding to Homo robotus.the second one way is the in basic terms synthetic intelligence scenario. In much less than two hundred years, seemingly instantly, AI has grown exponentially until we discover ourselves on the cusp now of The Singularity (no direct relation to the singularity of quantum gravity) where AI will exceed human IQ after which boost up faraway from us at a rapid fee of knots ever widening the gap. artificial intelligence however can growth synthetic intelligence as soon as artificial intelligence has been programmed with all the engineering records it desires to do the primary “new and stepped forward” design work. absolute confidence AI will morph subsequently, in all likelihood quicker in preference to later, into sentient AI.The software is artificially programmed; the silicon and metal hardware is artificially built to residence the software. Your computer or tablet or smart-smartphone is an instance. Did I mention exponential growth? Your laptop of 2014 has greater ‘smarts’ than the desktops that went with the Apollo astronauts to the Moon and your clever-smartphone has a one thousand instances greater ‘smarts’ or processing strength than the monster vacuum tube processors that took up whole floors in homes at main universities in 1964.Of route crunch or wide variety-crunching power is not similar to intelligence. laptop chess software packages can beat any human on earth now in chess, however through sheer variety crunching capacity. however, recollect that 60′s sci-fi show big name Trek in which the captain and team talked to their onboard computers. can you carry on a verbal exchange with your clever-pone these days (observe: along with your smart-cellphone, now not of necessity with someone on the alternative cease of the smartphone line)? sure you may!SEASON four: Will sex emerge as Extinct?If by sex one simply manner the physical act, then “yes”, as long as there are sexually functioning people. That of course can also mean sex with a robot ‘existence’ shape on account that an artificially smart robot may be built to whatever practical appearance changed into required. Lovemaking with the male or girl of your desires who wouldn’t flip over and doze off on you after-the-truth! So it really is another wonderful possibility now not without difficulty brushed off. A robot may be programmed no longer handiest to do what any other human may not be willing to do, however be able to do it longer and better. A robot associate can also be programmed never to have a headache, or be too pooped to puff! And the other benefit is no little bundles will subsequently get introduced by means of the stork!I suppose there will be all way of kinds of sexual liaisons among robots programmed in for the visual amusement of the flesh-and-blood human as nicely. intercourse and the intercourse industry should probable be a driving pressure at the back of packages that require or are exceedingly applicable of an artificially shrewd robotic, but I digress.If via intercourse one manner will eggs and sperm keep to meet and greet, the answer is probably “yes”. likely; maybe; possibly; it it has been, so shall it ever be the ever persevering with merging of biology with technology. A not unusual example from the past is the peg-leg or the hook-hand from pirate lore. A current and current common instance is the use of hearing aids. crucial organs were changed in part or in overall with artificial replacements and that fashion will keep. within the close to destiny nanotechnology will characteristic micro-robots coursing through our body’s river and [blood] streams to “exterminate, exterminate, exterminate” all the ones nasty little organic sellers that want to make a meal people. The remaining of route can be the downloading of our [software] minds into hardware bodies.That has all varieties of ramifications. once your mind has been downloaded into a hardware (silicon and metal) frame, you may constantly improve to the subsequent and latest version. I see the spawning of a robotic style enterprise! The 2050 you would not be caught lifeless inside a 2045 robotic model! the opposite ramification is that you can ‘clone’ yourself (or as an alternative your thoughts) by downloading your mind as commonly into as many robot hardware forms as you wish. possibly one robotic form that is designed for undersea exploration; one designed for mountain climbing; another it truly is small sufficient that it can explored the most claustrophobic of cave structures. if your thoughts exists simultaneously in lots of one-of-a-kind robotic bodies, then you definitely have extra than only a unmarried self-cognizance, concurrently.That form of ‘cloning’ means you may reproduce without having to dilute your ‘genes’ with the genes of some other character. Of path there still could ought to be a sperm & egg financial institution to ensure populace growth, if that had been deemed by society suited. It might not be if everyone can reproduce themselves as commonly as they wanted. but assuming actual flesh-and-blood humans have been conceived in a test-tube and raised via robots with human minds, in the end their time might come too to be downloaded into the robot version(s) in their choice and cheat their organic death.


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